Mushroom Grow Bags x 10pcs – Large


10 x Mushroom Bags.

Size: 25cm / 50cm (Large).

Made From: PP.

Colour: Transparent.

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10 x Mushroom Grow Bags.

Our mushroom cultivation bags can be used for substrate fruiting or grain spawn production. Once sterilised, they are perfect for inoculating grains into bulk substrates as the mushroom bags are large. The bags can be securely sealed using a thermal sealer or tied using tie wraps.

Each bag features a specialised 0.2μm filter that allows only essential oxygen to enter while keeping out contaminants like molds and germs. Crafted from durable polypropylene with a thickness of 60μm, these bags can withstand autoclaving at 121°C, ensuring a sterile environment inside.


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25cm x 50cm


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